Why you should switch to natural skincare products

Why you should switch to natural skincare products

When purchasing skincare, slick marketing campaigns can distract you with claims of magical reverse ageing. The reality is much different, as big brand skin products contain minimal active ingredients, topped up with filler products containing toxins, and even chemicals. 

We all understand, toxins are bad for us, leading to a boost in clean eating and low-processed diets. So why don’t we pay the same attention to our biggest organ - our skin? Organic products offer improved active ingredients with full transparency on other elements within, making a switch to natural skincare a no brainer


Benefits of natural skincare 

With a huge majority of active ingredients within, up to 95% in some cases, skincare products made from natural ingredients are more effective than artificial competitors thanks to their increased level of antioxidants. Organically grown and sourced ingredients better protect your skin and reduce pigmentation, meaning improved results when used long term.

By only applying ingredients that occur in nature onto your skin, you’re treating it with kindness and reducing the likelihood of dry, irritated skin that is common with artificial products containing materials poisonous to our skin.

Artificial vs natural skincare


Artificial skincare products contain preservatives, stabilisers, and fragrances, resulting in increasingly dry skin over time. These harsh ingredients are not suited for our skin, whereas skincare dense in nutrients and organic ingredients have no side effects, only nourishment.



Applying drying lotions and harsh creams can cause serious irritation and inflammation in many people. Organic ingredients are much safer as well as effective, particularly for those with skin sensitivities or issues like acne, eczema, or intense dryness.


Value for money

Expensive artificial products can have enticing branding with big promises, but as they contain typically 90% of filler ingredients, you’re actually wasting money. Natural skincare has a majority of active ingredients, so you can use less product for better results.


Environmental benefits of organic skincare

By investing your money into natural skincare products, you are also investing in the future of our planet. As more people opt for skincare containing organic ingredients, like pawpaw and manuka honey, that is sourced in a sustainable way, the more farmers will turn to responsible methods.

Using only raw ingredients means there's no need for chemical production, as well as animal-testing - there's no need for it without those dangerous additives, which means minimal risk for our health. 

Creating a nurturing natural skincare routine

It may seem overwhelming right now to change up your current skincare routine and convert to a clean and healthy lifestyle. Try not to apply pressure on yourself - start small, and work your way up to a highly beneficial organic skincare routine.

Start by making a list of all the products you use, then choose one to focus on first. Research comparative organic options, and check the ingredients are all natural. Choose one to try out, and review and refine before finding the best fit for your skin type. Continue until you have revolutionised your entire collection with quality natural skincare!

Convert to natural with Clean & Pure

Containing only Australian ingredients that are sustainably sourced, each natural skincare product from Clean & Pure is organic, safe, and incredibly nourishing. Browse our extensive collection online today, or get in touch with any queries. 

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