The Best Natural Skincare for Summer

The Best Natural Skincare for Summer

Living in Australia’s hot climate means we’ve all experienced the effects of harsh sun on our skin. The summertime can mean a lot of us get more time outside than usual, which is great for skin health, but also means a daily battle with dry skin and sunburn.

In order to effectively protect yourself, summer skincare needs to take a different approach than in the cooler months. With a focus on hydration and health boosting organic ingredients, each natural skincare product from Clean & Pure is focused on helping your skin help itself. 

Hydrating natural skincare

While some of us experience dry skin for hereditary reasons, many people find the summer environment and harsh skin care products create dehydration and irritation. The absolute best cure for this is hydrating skincare that utilises soothing organic ingredients.

Manuka Honey 

It's important to know which natural ingredients you can rely on, and which can worsen the problem. Manuka honey is infamous as a versatile substance that not only helps skin heal, but operates as an anti-inflammatory and emollient, providing skin with a natural barrier to retain moisture. 

Choose our ever-popular Manuka Honey and Pawpaw Hand & Body Cream, for a nourishing natural moisturiser, or the Manuka Honey Baby Balm for highly delicate skin. Try the Manuka Honey with Sunscreen (added zinc oxide) natural lip balms, for reliable daily protection this summer.


Goat’s Milk

With a great reputation as a gentle soap that results in incredible soft skin, goat milk soap is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to combat the harsh summer rays. Many brands of soap contain additional chemicals, or harsh fragrances, that counteract hydration. Pure goat milk soap is creamy and nourishing, and will not strip your skin of any much-needed oils. 

Clean & Pure’s Goat’s Milk Soap is incredibly nourishing and conditioning, with extensive testing taken by the creators on themselves to ensure it's safe for everyone - from babies to eczema sufferers. 

Cocoa Butter

Rich in fatty acids that work to boost collagen creation, the extensive healing effects of cocoa butter make this one the best organic skincare ingredients out there. When applied daily, it will continually regenerate your skin and combat cuts and bruises, as well as dry, irritated skin. 

Try our epic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm and relish in the creamy texture and hydrating results, or the delicious Coconut Lip Balm with cocoa butter from Clean & Pure is a great choice for summer.

Effective natural skincare for summer

There is no doubt natural skincare with fully organic ingredients is better for your skin than any cream containing harsh chemical products. Clean & Pure believes we don’t need to look beyond nature for hydrating skincare with amazing antibacterial and antioxidant benefits - perfect for use in the harsh summer weather!

The addition of fragrances, or even certain ‘essential oils’ can work against dry and sensitive skin, making nourishing natural products the safest and most effective choice for healthy skin. 

Browse our range of natural skincare online today, or feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries.

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