How Natural Skin Care Will Help Your Eczema

How Natural Skin Care Will Help Your Eczema

Living with eczema can feel like dealing with a never ending issue, particularly in the winter time. The constant irritation from dry and broken skin makes soothing eczema care a priority for a good quality of life, leading many people to seek natural products and organic creams to help reduce flares and combat ongoing symptoms.

Finding the right eczema care for your skin can be transformative. Utilising calming natural remedies means having a soothing skincare for daily use, perfect as a complementary method to use alongside traditional medications for fighting your eczema. 

Certain natural skincare products have been shown to be highly effective for helping those with eczema, with studies showing key benefits for managing the daily symptoms of irritation.


What is eczema?

Eczema is a chronic condition that affects skin health, with typical symptoms including red, itchy skin, with severe dryness and, at times, infections. Each eczema sufferer tends to have their own triggers that cause a flare up, and it's important to determine your environmental irritants to help combat atopic dermatitis (chronic eczema). Natural eczema skincare products can then be utilised correctly, playing a vital role in soothing ongoing symptoms.

Soothing natural remedies 

The beauty of nature is its ability to provide us with many safe, organic ingredients, perfect for use in natural skincare products to help soothe irritation and boost clean, clear skin.

One of nature’s most effective gifts for eczema sufferers is honey - particularly manuka honey. It’s inherently antibacterial make-up contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can work wonders on sore, swollen, and itchy skin that occurs as a result of eczema. 

Manuka honey skincare has a unique ability to provide speed healing, while simultaneously moisturising intensively and preventing infections - perfect for cracked and dry skin.

Another incredibly soothing natural remedy is goats milk soap; gentle enough for use on babies, and with hyper moisturising abilities that are perfect for those with eczema, goats milk soap is the perfect daily all-over cleanser that won’t dry out your skin.


The importance of avoiding harsh eczema skincare

While many contemporary skincare brands claim to be safe for those with sensitive skin, or provide intensive moisturising benefits, the reality is most contain only a minimal amount of the natural organic ingredient they’re advertising.

Effective eczema care requires natural skincare products without harsh additional chemicals, and toxic filler products that overtake the active ingredient, such as manuka honey or aloe vera. By only utilizing safe ingredients from the environment, and leaving out any sulphates, parabens, and toxins to extend shelf life, natural skincare cares for dry, irritated skin with eczema - soothing red irritation without any harsh elements that can cause a flare up.

Boost skin health with Clean & Pure

Creating safe, enriching organic skincare products is at the heart of what Clean & Pure is all about. By using only natural ingredients in everything we create - from healing Manuka & Pawpaw Hand and Body Cream, to nourishing Goat Milk Soap - we cater for everyone. Each enriching cream is perfect for eczema care, thanks to their protective properties with none of the harsh chemicals. 


Browse our range of natural skincare products online today, or get in touch with any queries around eczema skincare.

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