Find Out What Works For Your Skin

Find Out What Works For Your Skin

When it comes to getting great skin, it’s not all down to winning the DNA lottery. Everyone is born with a different skin type, and how you take care of it on a day to day basis heavily impacts how healthy it looks and feels.


In order to correctly take care of your skin, in a way that will boost its wellness from the inside out, you first need to find out your skin type. Using unsuitable products with harsh ingredients in your skincare routine will only make things worse, making natural skincare containing organic ingredients a better option for everyone. 


Figure out your skin type

Normal skin

Non-sensitive, clear skin with a balanced complexion. The lucky few!

Dry skin

Has visibly flaky patches, feels irritated, and rough or scaly to the touch.

Oily skin

Consistently shiny skin, with visible greasy areas, and likely visibly large pores.

Combination skin

Dry and flaky in patches (usually the cheeks), but oily elsewhere (the T-zone).

Acne-prone skin

A step up from oily skin, with outbreaks of red blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Can lead to acne-scarring, where red marks or scars struggle to fade. 


Regardless of skin type, the aim of any skincare routine is to allow your complexion to operate at its best level, boosting its organic self-care abilities while troubleshooting problem areas. In order to do so, natural skincare is a huge benefit thanks to zero harsh chemicals, and the best organic & natural skin care active-ingredients.

For normal and combination skin types, use gentle cleansers that don’t upset the natural balance, while targeting oily or dry areas individually with additional skin oil or moisturiser like Manuka Honey Baby Balm (not just for babies!).. 

Dry skin requires natural skin care without any fragrances or alcohol, as this dries out skin and removes natural oils. Use warm water when washing your face, exfoliate weekly, and try a moisturiser for sensitive skin like Manuka Honey and Paw Paw Cream


Cleansing oily and acne-prone skin requires regular washing with an oil-free face wash. Many products promising to clear blemishes are harsh, and only serve to irritate skin further, so opt for organic products with repairing abilities like Clean & Pure’s Skin Nutrition range




Hydration Station

One common mistake people make is to avoid moisturiser if they have oily skin, or even a normal skin type. Daily moisturising is super important for keeping your skin balanced and full of nutrients, and it actually balances oil levels rather than increases them, especially after washing.

Drinking plenty of water is key for great skin (and all-round healthy living!), as is using natural skincare with organic active ingredients such as Manuka Honey moisturiser, which is suitable for even sensitive skin. Lightweight and oil-free, Goat Milk soap is a great cleanser that also serves to hydrate. It's even gentle enough for babies!


Natural skincare with Clean & Pure

When it comes to an effective skincare routine, Clean & Pure have a simple healthy living ethos; to provide natural skincare packed with all Australian organic, non-processed ingredients, so we can be as kind to our skin as we are to the rest of our bodies. Get in touch today to discover which natural product is best for you, or browse our range online today.


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