Benefits of Australian Made Skincare

Benefits of Australian Made Skincare

Australia is unique in countless ways. We are lucky to live on a biodiverse island with abundant natural ingredients, including plants and minerals packed with beneficial nutrients. 

However, our hot sun and patchy ozone layer expose Aussies to UV radiation at some of the world’s highest levels. And in winter, the cool, dry air exacerbates eczema symptoms and other skin irritations.

Only Australian made products can harness the benefits of local ingredients to balance out the harsh environment. Imported products aren’t designed to nourish skin the way Australian made organic skincare products are. Plus, buying local means supporting sustainability at home, all while giving your skin the best treatment under the sun.


(More) benefits of choosing Australian made natural skincare products

Organic skincare is cleaner and healthier

At least 65% of Aussie households buy organic food. We’re careful with what we put into our bodies, but what about the products we apply to our largest organ?

Organic skincare, like organic food, contains antioxidants that balance and nourish skin better than artificial additives – especially those designed for conditions overseas.

Locally made products focus on ingredients found in Australia, like manuka, macadamia oil and Tasmanian pepperberry, which nourish and moisturise skin in our dry climate. Plus, natural skincare is free from denatured alcohol, preservatives, stabilisers and chemicals that dry out your skin.

Know where your ingredients come from

Imported skincare products are laden with chemicals, fragrances and artificial ingredients. Depending on the compliance requirements where they originate, the producers may also get away with more deceptive labelling and transparency practices. 

Australian skincare producers face rigorous regulations. Whether that’s earning an “Australian made” label or meeting directives from a long list of consumer protection bodies, local skincare producers hold themselves to a higher standard.

Put simply, you can trust that what you read on Australian organic skincare labels is true.

Every product supports local growers and producers

Buying Australian products strengthens the demand for sustainable ingredients up and down the supply chain. You might not realise how your choice of hand cream can benefit local families or our natural environment until you consider all the local contributions:

  • Australian farmers growing essential ingredients
  • Sustainable native ingredients that grow naturally in our ecosystem
  • Locally sourced beeswax promotes healthy bee populations
  • Australian families employed to produce and refine ingredients
  • Your money supports Australian business, not overseas interests

Buying locally produced natural skincare encourages farmers and producers to focus on organic ingredients, increasing the range of products available at affordable prices. So choosing Australian made nourishes our economy and your skin at the same time. 

Convert to Australian made natural skincare with Clean & Pure

There are so many reasons to choose Australian made natural skincare instead of imported products. Organic ingredients are better for everyone, from the inherent benefits for your skin’s health to supporting local growers.

Clean & Pure products contain sustainably sourced natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants and free from harmful additives. Browse our extensive range online or find your nearest stockist.

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